Tattered Tales

Can you Locate the lost city of El Dorado or Survive on Mars for a month until the rescue shuttle arrives? These are just a couple of the situations you may encounter in the world of Tattered Tales. Compete as teams to create stories to win the votes of your opposing publishing companies. But there’s a catch! You only have limited items available to you! Will you be able to use your random items to help create a “tattered tale”? If so, you may have what it takes to become the Master Storyteller!

Tattered Tales is a storytelling game where players work in teams (called publishing companies) to create unique stories! As co-authors of the tale, you and your teammates must use a diverse set of random items to create a story that resolves a given situation. There is limited time to figure out how to not only use the items available to you, but also make your story immersive and entertaining. Players shift to new publishing companies each round, but the player who helps create the most captivating stories throughout the game claims the title of Master Storyteller!

We've made a portion of our game available online for free! Now you can try out this storytelling party game on Tabletopia.com or with the Tabletopia Steam client. Make sure to join our Discord server for player coordination and in-game communication.

How to play

Tattered Tales is a team-based storytelling party game. Players will split into teams, called publishing companies, each round. The bookkeeper flips over the top situation card and reads it out loud. This is the situation each company will attempt to resolve this round.

Then, the bookkeeper deals five item cards to the storyteller of each company.

After this, they flip over the sand timer and each storyteller picks up their cards. Each publishing company now has two minutes to concoct an entertaining story using the items in their hand to complete the situation that was revealed.

Once the time runs out, each storyteller takes a turn telling their team’s story.

After all stories have been told, each person votes for the story the liked best. All players (not just the storyteller) on a publishing company get a point for each vote that company receives.

Once the players have finished an agreed-upon number of rounds, add up each player’s score throughout the game. The player with the highest score is deemed the master storyteller. If only one round was played, the Company with the most votes wins as a team.

Want a more detailed explanation? Check out our "How-to-play" video for a summary of the rules.

Or download the rulebook for the game.

Tattered Tales Rulebook PDF